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We are very thankful for all those who support our global mission to improve safety awareness, education, and open communication about cannabis use. We want our children to be safer and have the ability to gain an understanding of the growing cannabis industry. They are our future generations and deserve the best.

To improve our organization's transparency, we have registered with; a non-profit monitoring organization. Cannabis For Children International has achieved a Gold Seal by providing a realistic account of our operations. We are currently all volunteers and depend strongly on collective support to provide responsible outreach services worldwide. CFCI Sponsors truly MAKE A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE!!!

Cannabis For Children International does not make any medical recommendation for the use of cannabis-based goods but does encourage research and physician discussions of its application based on individual health conditions. We are inspiring research and further education of specific medical conditions and learning more as we go. We also assist in locating family networking opportunities for additional emotional support. We listen very closely to others and learn many things from physicians and families from all parts of the globe; we are growing better together.



Delorme Humidors



From The Cherry Tree Ltd. started as a children’s wooden toy company in 1995 in Ottawa, ON. Five years later, in 2000, the company expanded to include custom cabinetry, reproductions, and repairs. Since then, From The Cherry Tree has continued to specialize in custom-made humidors, thus starting a new division – Delorme Humidors TM.
Not only are the bodies of our Humidors made from solid wood, each one is made from one a single board for the body so that the grain is continuity all around the corners to create a more natural and eye-pleasing look. The tops are of solid wood, therefore there is no need to worry about veneer letting go with time. The Mahogany trays are also made from solid wood, and these come in five different options so you can customize the interior to suit your needs!
We also have a custom-made Boveda pack holder that is set into a hollowed-out cavity in the lid, so you can maintain the perfect RH without having the packs sitting loose in the cavity taking up valuable space! Also includes a keyed lock with two keys to keep out unwanted fingers, included with all Le Maridor and My Meddy models! When assembling a Delorme Humidor, we only use Titebond III the Ultimate wood glue, which will guarantee a bond in a humid environment for generations to come!
It's the strongest and most waterproof wood glue available on the market today! The use of a 100% silicone gasket prevents the scent of cannabis from leaving the chamber.


Although we do have some products ready for purchase, most creations are custom-made, so feel free to use the contact page to send us your ideas – they could soon be a reality!
Potency No.710



"Growing up with firsthand awareness regarding the stigma of cannabis, Mandy Lile, the founder and CEO of Potency No. 710, was inspired to show everyone the beauty side of this potent plant.
After opening her first skincare clinic at the age of 20, she quickly developed a knack for plant-based, clean, and non-toxic products. Mandy founded Potency No. 710 after moving to LA and combining her superpowers and aesthetician experience with the cannabis knowledge of her Fiancé and has been disrupting the beauty industry ever since with plant-powered and purpose-driven products.
Mandy was recently named a 2020 Top Dynamic Women by Modern Luxury | Angeleno Magazine and works in various ways to give back to the community and culture through philanthropic efforts. The products offered by Potency No. 710  have been featured in Elevated Lifestyle MagazineHello GigglesModern Luxury MagazineThe Social NYRefinery 29MediumVanilla Plum, and many others. Learn more at"
MW Hemp Authority



Midwest Hemp Authority believes in quality patient care and makes sure that its products are being made available to those who need it most. These various cannabis-based products include tinctures, isolates, gummies, and salves. They also focus on a business to business model to increase consumer reach.
Medlock Packaging


We worked closely with leaders in the addiction space to educate ourselves, learn about Health Canada’s regulations and create regulatory-compliant packaging programs. Our focus is on pharmacy and production efficiencies, clear chain of custody and retail-ready compliant packaging solutions.

We became the recommended bottles of choice in the methadone space and our business quickly grew. We gained new insights into operational deficiencies that created bottlenecks and redundancies during the packaging process. So, we allocated more effort and resources to design products that were not only compliant with regulatory standards but also easy to implement at the operational level, saving our customers time and money in the filling process.

With Health Canada’s introduction of the Cannabis Act, our expertise in regulatory compliance and public safety offered us an opportunity to expand into this market place. With our unique packaging solutions, understanding of Health Canada regulations and dealing with hand fill production processes, we could offer a simple, efficient way for LPs start ups to be retail ready faster.


MedLock has been created to serve the special needs of the Cannabis Industry. Highly regulated and most times misunderstood, we are there to offer our expertise in regulatory requirements around packaging, and provide reasonably priced, compliant packaging solutions direct from the manufacturer. We help them with off the shelf products and, as in most cases, custom programs help them stand out on the shelf. While Liquimedlock products are more pharmacy/lab focussed, our Cannalock products serve the recreational and medical cannabis and hemp (CBD) industries.


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