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!CFC ="Caring For Consumers" !CFC = "Caution For Children"
!CFC ="Change For Community"


CFCI School Safety Initiative!!


!CFC label symbol Uses

A Cannabis For Children Intl. symbol makes others aware that your company understands the importance of identifying cannabis-related products; especially cannabis consumables verse other forms of non-cannabis related foods and beverages. This caution for cannabis, !CFC symbol is easily noticed even on small scale print and can be clearly identifiable to others. Especially young children, disabled, and elderly. We also suggest having the symbol raised on the printed label for blind or low-vision consumers. It can be discreetly placed on packaging without losing your product's marketing appeal; and while maintaining the symbol's intent and purpose. *The !CFC label symbol clearly identifies to consumers that the cannabis product has a safety awareness in mind.


Why is it important to have a !CFC label symbol on consumer products?

As more and more people enter the cannabis industry, the market is flooded with consumer goods. These products range from high tech laboratory tested products to backwoods baked brownies. Governments are slow on clearly identifying legitimate companies; and many consumers are skeptical of cannabis producers. A !CFC label symbol helps assure others that your business is well established and committed to healthy, honest business practices and safety-minded, educational marketing. It supports the CFCI efforts to improve Safety Awareness, Education , and Open Youth Communication. As the consumer market grows, companies with the !CFC label symbol on their product labels will certainly stand out from the rest. Consumer will gain confidence more quickly knowing that your business is committed to making a difference through safe cannabis production and informative marketing practices.


How Does A Business Get A !CFC label symbol?

Companies can obtain user rights to the !CFC label symbol by submitting a request for an application by emailing the Founder of Cannabis For Children Intl., Alissa Lee at

Businesses must agree to maintain awareness of safe, informative labeling and honest-open advertising/marketing practices. Any unauthorized use of this symbol will revoke all use privileges and may lead to possible legal action.


Permission for use of this symbol must be granted in writing by the Founder of Cannabis For Children Intl. Alissa Lee.


We truly appreciate all of our donors & sponsors and want to thank them for their continued support for safer cannabis practices. This unique !CFC label symbol is a great way of saying "We Care" about promoting safe, consumer minded, cooperative cannabis business.


Cannabis For Children International takes cannabis labeling seriously as these goods & products directly impact our many Families. Cannabis For Children Intl. wants to support Companies that consciously focus on their consumer's health. The !CFC label symbol is one way of recognizing caring businesses that truly make a difference.


* The !CFC label symbol is in no way meant to replace, reduce or reassure compliance of any FDA regulations or other government requirements and is a voluntary action of the Company issued specific user rights. Use does not indicate approval of any specific business practices of the Company by Cannabis For Children Innt. or any of its representatives. Cannabis For Children Intl. reserves the rights to revoke user privileges at any time.

Food, Bev, Pharma, Beauty Products & More

The !CFC symbol is not  product specific. It is meant to be a pledge from the product maker that they are focused on honesty and have safety minded product manufacturing practices. It represents an awareness to others without taking away from the appearance of the product. We want businesses that truly care about others to carry the !CFC symbol.  SHOW  THAT YOU ARE CARING FOR YOUR CONSUMERS. GET  A !CFC SYMBOL TODAY!




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