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Cannabis For Children International does not buy/sell cannabis-based goods. We are a global outreach advocacy organization that focuses on Safety Awareness, Education, and Open Communication about cannabis care.


Because we are not on the supplies side, we rely on sponsors and donors to help us reach out to those in need of support and further information.


For this reason, we want to add responsible Company logos and website hyperlink to our website so that our consumers can quickly find your resources and information.

The terms of our agreement are also flexible to allow you to network with us within your means. We are here to listen and help you reach out to those who need supportive products and services the most.


We will feature all of our Sponsors four times per year on Cannabis For Children International social media platforms.


It's All About Supporting One Another!! Cannabis For Children Intl. is on-file with www.bbb.org and remains committed to listening to and helping families and healthcare providers worldwide.


Contact us today about 2020 Sponosrship consideration.

Email Support : CannabisForChildren@outlook.com

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U.S.A. Report Product Concerns:

American Association of Poison Control https://aapcc.org/

Cannabis For Children International suggests learning about genomic testing through the National Center For Disease Control.  The purpose of this resource is to empower cannabis consumers to learn more about their individual healthcare needs and make healthier choices based on their own body chemistry. A simple DNA test sample can match up the best prescription drugs for each person. All is evidenced-based on individual DNA gene variations and metabolism. There is a family health platform available to track healthcare needs and outcomes as well. The CDC platform meets our Mission Criteria to improve safety awareness, education, and communication about genomic testing.


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Simply Kind Solutions | Cannabis Staffing, Education and Management

Simply Kind Solutions is a Human Capital and Management Consulting firm that is dedicated exclusively to the medicinal and recreational cannabis industry.

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