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Daniel Stein

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With fitness certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the National Federation of Personal Trainers (NFPT) and becoming a Certified Inclusive Fitness Trainer, Daniel Stein specializes in health and fitness for the special needs population.


In 2016, Daniel and his wife, Trinity, started Special Strong. Special Strong provides nutrition and adapted fitness for special needs children, adolescents, and adults with autism, Down syndrome, and other disabilities.


Through our online training platform, we also provide special needs fitness certification courses for educators, professionals, and parents who want to learn how to adapt fitness to serve the special needs population. 

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Dhillon Manjeet

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I would like to introduce myself as a fitness expert having vast experience in the field of fitness and training for more than 3 decades. I have undergone 10 years of rigorous training in martial arts and during this tenure have won many State and National level Taekwondo championships in the 1980s.

Since 1991, I have been conducting aerobics, functional and strength training. Over the years I have gained expertise in helping people overcome various ailments like cervical pain, knee pain, slip disc and others which restrict the mobility of a person.


I have gained insight into the working of the human mind and body and attaining perfection in the various means to attain harmony between the two, leading to a state of perfect equilibrium. Changed many peoples lives by motivating and making them strong, both physically and mentally.


Under my guidance, people have overcome real life challenges and ailments like obesity, diabetes, frozen shoulders, osteoporosis, sciatica, spondylitis, back pain etc.

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