Hello, Updating you on the Cannabis For Children International Music Outreach Event. As you know, Covid19 restrictions have played a big role in many of our favorite activities. CFCI had originally scheduled "A Time To Love Us" for summer 2020 but we are now aiming for July 22-24, 2022. Location is TBD (Kentucky, Illinois, or Ohio...on the East Coast). This will hopefully allow time for public events to be fully re-established. I have given a rather short description of this musical outreach event below and some of what it requires. Any potential hosting venues may contact CFCI at Cannabisforchildren@outlook.com.

If you know any interested musicians, I would like to have their booking agent information or another choice of contact to follow-up on possible performances (in early to mid-2021). Personally, my family and friends are awesome musicians and I believe we can put on a fantastic performance together...You Know We Can !!! All artist's contact information will be kept confidential and only be used for this event communication. You are welcome to contact me by cellphone/text at 1-937-941-7567 EST and/or by email at Cannabisforchildren@outlook.com.

This event is being created to help expand Safety Awareness, Education, and Open Communication about cannabis-based
healthcare. We will also be featuring employment opportunities within the cannabis industry. We will not feature direct cannabis-based product sales; instead, cannabis-product vendors may offer discount or free coupons/codes during the event. Vendors may also feature Raffles of their Products but there will be no direct cannabis-product sales. Novelties and Logo based goods are recommended as prizes for various games offered at cannabis-related vendors booths. This makes learning fun and helps give a
better impression of the cannabis industry as a whole. CFCI strongly suggests attention be given to Quality Control & Assurance.

All Cannabis-Related Businesses have been asked to share how they focus on CFCI Mission Goals: Safety Awareness,
Education, and Open Communication. Businesses are also welcome to share any job-related opportunities with others


2022 NEEDS:
1). Musical/Various Artists/Dancing Acts- Require: 1-2 Stages (Mix acts on one stage or *musical acts on one stage and separate staging area for children's acts).
2). V.I.P Area- Event Sponsors/*Artists/Limited Media Access Require: Camper parking and set-up. *Managed Security Force Area.
3). Tent Vendor Booths- Set up in an easy flowing pattern. Require: Various vendors will require electric services.
4). Food Vendors- Central Area for Food/Beverages Require: A variety of food and beverage suppliers will also require electric/water access. Seating areas for dining is needed.
5). Family Break Area- Tent Covered Area Require: Access to water, seating, sanitizer, and privacy care area (a curtained area to allow needed private physical care)
6). Emergency Services- Health Care Workers Required: Emergency Service Care Providers On-site During Event.
7). Handicapped Access- Set up an easy flow pattern for disabled individuals.
Require: Appropriate access to all areas of the event. Adapted Bathroom Facilities/Sanitation Services.
8). Limited Media-Create DVD Require: Electric and online access will be required. The media will be limited to CFCI organizational outreach efforts.
9). Security- Event Safety Services-Require: Family-friendly safety services visible on-site during the event.
10). Sponsor's Recognition- Increased Public Awareness Require: Posted acknowledgment of all event Sponsors throughout event areas, online, on marketing & media release materials.

Our Official Website Is: http://www.cannabisforchildren.org. CFCI is a 501c3 Approved Advocacy Outreach Organization.
I'm Looking Really Forward to 2022 and People Being Together Again!!! Thank You For All Your Support!!!

Fairborn, OH 45324, USA


501c3 Approved-OH USA LICENSE #4360271