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Remove the "sneaky" "risky" and "unlawful" labels from well-managed and monitored cannabis treatments. This suggests information that can be presented about an individual's health care needs to reduce difficulties in communication. This is only a suggestive outline and in no way represents any legal requirements of any State or Federal Laws.

Cannabis For Children encourages a proactive approach to open cannabis communication. You may choose not to disclose any information about an individual not required by law. All children attending public schools are protected under FERPA Laws and all individuals regardless of age are protected by certain HIPAA Laws. You may include a statement on your outline that includes the prohibition of information release and sharing without prior written consent. This may offer some additional protection by acknowledgment of an individual's rights. 
While many parents and caregivers chose to use CBD and cannabis-based products; few chose to use a "CBA" or "Complete Body Awareness" approach to their caregiving.  A perfect example came to me recently in a message. Her daughter 14 was suffering from some sort of pain but was non-vocal & immobile. The doctor had given her medication in hopes of relieving some of the pain. Upon bathing her, the mother discovered a very badly ingrown toenail. As we all know, no amount of cannabis would have healed this issue.

Cannabis For Children strongly recommends a "CBA" approach to any caregivers of severely ill individuals. This includes slow gentle pressure applied to all areas of the body to check for soreness or other problems while observing the patient's reactions.  Also, close observations of the feet, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. The scalp should also be carefully observed as seizures or falls may have caused injuries that are hidden by the hair.  We believe this is worth stressing strongly.


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